• The view from my old bedroom window, the window is beeing painted.
    The curtains are beeing cleaned, it is the firts time since 10 years that I enjoy this view.
    I had forgoten the feeling I got the first time I saw this view, nice feeling.
    The weather is good the light from the canals at this time of the day is very special.
    No wonder that the Great Dutch Masters were obsessed in trying to capture this light.

    Some of them almost succeeded, Bravo.

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    Another one.


  • I did my morning walk, it's nice to see the places were cexhib left his Art.
    I'm doing that a lot lately waking up early with the birds, and on the weekend everybody sleeps late.
    So the Canals are just for me and a couple of lost but Happy stoned People.
    Reno is in Liège i wish him a lot of fun with his Hubby i will hear all about it on Monday when he returns.
    Sleep well, talk later.


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  • Weekend as arrived , I will enjoy staying home just me and Maxine my windows are going to be painted.
    I can't wait to see the work finished and see the light coming throw the curtains.

    Greatings to Paris wishing I was there.
    See you all soon.


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