• Amsterdam thinking of Paris,


    Congratulations Joao da Silva on your expo tonight see you in a week. 

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    Saturday 13rd May 2006 at 20:29
    less than a week now ;)
    Saturday 13rd May 2006 at 23:00
    thank U
    my friend! all went well..allmost, farewell symphony images have been censored..more coming up on this during the week...catch U .. mail me me the exact date of arrival.. eyes need sugar tonight!!! yes yes sir some party after stress days!
    Sunday 14th May 2006 at 01:15
    Enjoy your evening out my Friend you deserve it. Tony leaves in the morning I miss him already. I believe that censorship is a safety mechanism for those who want to remain ignorant. keep doing what your doing censorship or not. That's what it's all about. Just remain above it. All the best, see you next weekend, my Paris invasion starts on Friday. MMaxi
    Sunday 14th May 2006 at 16:58
    ok boy !
    next weekend, send my love to Tony and a big thankXs for the great moments, it was good fun .. Censorship is yes indeed a good departure point to create.. and we did it well ! got u;) above.
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