• Francis Bacon
     From muybridge " The Human Figure in Motion: Women Emptying a bowl of water /  Paralytic child walking on all fours."

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  • Francis Bacon once said:

    " I think it's the slight remove from fact, which returns me onto the fact more violently.
    Through the photographic image I find myself beginning to wander into the image and unlock what I think of as its reality more than I can by looking at it.
    And photographs are only points of reference; They're often triggers of ideas."

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  • Study for Portrait on Folding Bed 1963

    Oil on canvas
    support: 1981 x 1473 mm frame: 2198 x 1690 x 82 mm

    Purchased 1963

    The body is often highly distorted in Bacon’s paintings. In this picture, for example, parts of the head and lower body are almost illegible. Bacon has used texture and visceral colours to describe the flesh, bone and blood of the head. The dribbles and splatters of paint are reminiscent of leaking bodily fluids, bringing attention to the physical material of the body and suggesting violence.

    The art historian David Mellor has argued that such pictures share much with Walter Sickert’s Camden Town paintings of prostitutes on beds ‘where gross, abject matter was well to the fore’.

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  • Untitled ( reclining figure ) 1960


  • Painting Title: Study for a Portrait of Van Gogh V 1957
    Francis Bacon
    Famous Irish born English artist - 20th Century Painter

    About the Study for a Portrait of Van Gogh V Painting
    Francis Bacon did several versions of the Vincent van Gogh painting.


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