• German Expressionism 1915 - 1925



    Random words and phrases
    Days go by MMaxi10

    Spring is here and the birds are starting to celebrate nature
    Time for me to get my camera and start taking snaps of the city as it changes from gray into a bright green
    Weekend Rest
    Cook maybe some carne de vinho e alhos
    Bake a cake as well it can't be that difficult
    Do some blogging less face more me
    It's back to the study of German Expressionism 1915 - 1925 The Second Generation
    I'm not a fast reader after 4 years I managed to read 48 pages 75 more
    to go MMaxi10

    october 23rd 2006 

    Started with the Introduction

    I started on


    Otto dix "Selbstbildnis als Soldat"                             Check link Above


    October 29 2006

    I started on

    Prewar, Wartime, and Postwar

    Conrad felixmuller, bildinis Raoul Hausmann ( portrait of raoul hausmann )


    Expressionism in Berlin from 1912 to the early 1920s                                    Check link above

    And 14 pages later 18 avril 2009  Max Hermann Max Pechstein, Selfbildnis mit Tod 1920-21


                                                                                                             Check link above








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