• Goya

    The capriccios

    Spanish title: Nohubo remedio

    English title: There was no Cure

    They have made up their minds to kill this good women.
    After judgement was pronounced, she was dragged through the streets in triumph.
    She has indeed earned a triumph.
    If they do this to shame her, they are wasting their time.
    Nothing can make her ashamed who as nothing to be ashamed of.

    Goya once drew a picture of an ancient Man tottering along under the burden of years, but with the accompanying Caption " I'm Still learning "
    That old man was himself.
    To the end of a long life, he went on dreaming.

    Was very nice to get back to my old Goya's Etchings
    I remember when I saw them for the first time, it was as if I had never seen an etching before .
    Now when the days are cold and I feel lonely or in a quiet mood I retreat to them.
    Together with my first ever CD from Callas " Tosca " by Puccini and some hot tea.
    I transport myself to a world were I feel calm and with no Fear.


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  • Spanish title: Aquellos polbos

    See the result: From such dust dirt must come. For shame, to treat her in such fashion!
    She who has waited on everyone for a trifle, she who was so industrious, so useful;
    she was an honorable woman.

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  • Spanish title: Pobrecitas!

    They will have to repair what has long been going from bad to worse, to fix what has been forced apart.

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  • Spanish Titel: Qual la Descanonan!

    English Titel: How They Pluck Them! 

    Hens are plucked by vultures. As the sayings go, " Give and take," "Six of one and half dozen of the other."


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  • When there are no more feathers left, throw them out.
    Others will come.

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