• - Not even so can he recognize Her.

    - Spanish titel: " Ni asi la Distingue "

    - How should he know them? No lenses are strong enough.
      One needs judgment and worldly knowledge. 
      Both these the poor Fellow lacks.

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  • - People do not know Themselves

    - Spanish titel: " Nadie se conoce "

    The world is a masquerade. The face, the clothes, the voice - all are false.
    Everyone tries to appear what he is not.
    Everyone deceives and does not even know Himself.

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  • Spanish titel:

    Esta Vmd pues,  Como digo  ...  eh!  Cuidado!  si  nò ...

    The Uniform, sign of the dignity of a commander, and the baton of command, makes this blockhead imagine himself a Superior being. He misuses his office to annoy everyone who knows him. He is proud, vain, insolent to his inferiors in rank,
    cringing to all above him.

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  • - Tal para Qual

    - People argue whether man or woman is worse by nature.
      The vice of one as well as the other is the result of bad upbringing.
      Where Men are perverted, women are the same.
      The young Lady in this etching is no better than the fop talking to her.
      As regards the two old people, the first is as vile as the second.

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       Que Viene El Coco.
       Look Out, Here Comes the Bogy-Man 

       Bad Education, To bring up a child to fear a bogy more than it's Own Father
       is to make him afraid of something that is not.

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