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  • I went to the supermarket and there you were, greatings cexhib from Amsterdam.

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  • Still there My friend,
    be going in the morning.
    A bit nervous with the all thing.
    But I keep saying to myself, it's a brave thing and the idea that it will prevent me
    from having 6 months of chemo it's a small price to pay.
    We shall see how it all goes fingers crossed.
    Call on sunday when it's all over.

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    Another one.


  • I did my morning walk, it's nice to see the places were cexhib left his Art.
    I'm doing that a lot lately waking up early with the birds, and on the weekend everybody sleeps late.
    So the Canals are just for me and a couple of lost but Happy stoned People.
    Reno is in Liège i wish him a lot of fun with his Hubby i will hear all about it on Monday when he returns.
    Sleep well, talk later.


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