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    Henningsvær In Lofoten

    Henningsvær is a fishing village on the Lofoten Wall which used to have a very specialized reason for being - it was home to many fishermen during the big cod catches in spring every year.

    Henningsvær is spread out over a number of small islands, between Stamsund and Svolvær. The roads going to Henningsvær are relatively new, and until the fishing decreased in importance after the Second World War most traffic was on the water.

    Today Henningsvær is a much visited tourism sight, and the houses in the village are being restored and put to use as hotels and galleries.

    The color of the houses used to indicate the wealth of the owner. Red color means that the paint was made of the cheapest materials, fish blood and fish oil. The yellow was nationally produced and could not be made locally and a bit more expensive, and the white was made from imported zinc, and was the most expensive color.

    Currently there are some 750 inhabitants in Henningsvær. Because it's pretty far out in the boondocks, not many Norwegians wanted to live here, but in order to keep the village from becoming one large summerhouse area, the municipality decided that you cannot buy a house here without also living in it. Consequently Henningsvær is still pretty sparsely inhabited.

    These drying racks are still in use every spring. Cods are hung to dry for a few months, and then brought indoor where it is sorted into one of some 20 different qualities and sold to especially Italy.


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