• Ludwig Meidner

    Ludwig Meidner, like most of his poet friends, loved to walk the streets of the city. He roamed the outlying suburbs of Berlin for hours on end an drew his inspiration from what he saw.
    At night, back in the dark, little attic room that served as his studio, he painted houses and streets that began to dance under his brush, as if the earth beneath the city were shaking.
    From dancing houses it was only a step to blazing cities.
    In the summer of 1912, that hot summer following a rainy April, that had such an invigorating impact on European art in general, Meidner embarked on his apocalyptic landscapes, which he painted one after another in a sustained creative frenzy.

    *check blogg posting of October 29 2006
    for a 1916 self-portrait etching by Ludwig Meidner


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