• MMaxi Paris Summer 2007

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    " RAMDOM WORDS " and " PHRASES "

    I just returned to Amsterdam from" PARIS".
    Thank you my friend " JdS " it is always a pleasure to see you even if it is for a couple of hours.
    I will see you again in October for our almost yearly trip to" MADEIRA".
    Back to the place were it all began many " YEARS " ago.
    Visiting Paris was special for me this time.
    Being in the city that I love in the company of my
    " LOVE ".
    How could I have not " LOVED IT ".
    It was a weekend to remember.
    Nice discreet hotel on the " MARAIS ".
    Dinner at " OZO " Show at the " LIDO " not what I expected, a bit of choreography would be appreciated.
    I will never forget that it was me who first took
    " LOVE " to the " DEPOT ".
    On the " SEINE " /\/\ the " KISS UNDER THE BRIDGE, " what I " WISHED" at that moment.
    An evening of pleasure with " CEXHIB ".
    While " LOVE " went and enjoyed the " MOULIN ROUGE ".
    I learned that weekend that " CNN " is Wrong I don't need to " BE THE FIRST TO KNOW "
    Give me a hotel in " PARIS " " EXPENSIVE " but not 20.000 with out a " SRUB " in sight any day.
    I'm not a " CELEBRITY " OR " PRESIDENT " 
    Last day, taxi to the top of the hill and visit the " SACRE COUR " I meditated a bit.
    Got ride of one " LOOSE END " by lighting a candle, passed by the statue of " SAINT ANTHONY " holding a child in his hand, so much " GOODNESS " , I could not stop thinking of my " FATHER ".
    Once back in " AMSTERDAM " time did not slow down on the contrary, "LOVE" will be going back mid " SEPTEMBER ".
    And it will be 3 weeks before I get to "Madeira".
    There is also the visit to the doctor and tell her of some of the complaints I had in between all the good things I had in this incredible " SUMMER " of "2007".

    I worry about meeting my  " FATHER " again, it was very good when i visited him this summer in " PORTO " while he was going trough his treatment.
    But I know as well that every time I see " HIM".
    I will want to find out about many things that I need to know.
    Things I did not think it was " IMPORTANT " until " LATELY " when they appeared.


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    Sunday 2nd September 2007 at 15:24
    nice summer
    trip and now loose ends, somewhere in between..;) nostalgia is a powerfull drug.
    Sunday 2nd September 2007 at 15:26
    Yes it is
    It was a good Summer looking back. Greetings My friend.
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