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    CATS are fighting MARIA is singing as she does always when I'm a little down WHY am I a bit down I have no idea WHY? I just do 

    So it is a good time to work on a new idea 

    The air is kind and the COLORS are truly AUTUMN COLORS

    I went by an art shop in AMSTERDAM

    Got something called Gesso universal primer

    Couleurs Fines a L'huile ou Óleos Finos CORES TRADICIONAIS para PINTURA A ÓLEO PIGMENTACION consistency so many things to remember 

    And I forgot the turpentine so I can't mix the colors 

    I will make a SKETCH of an IDEA then use that as the FIRST STEP

    I'm not so stoned any more NICE

    The cats are friends again bound by the love of a candy treat 

    TIME for me to close the CURTAINS to the world and MEDITATE with Maria

    Something will happen eventually 

    Have a good CLEARING of the SPACE around me try not to have so many plants video tapes does anybody still use them?

    It is Saturday and the sun is out nice and warm

    I'm keeping to the WATERCOLORS for the time

    I still have a PROBLEM with OIL PAINT more complicated than I thought but it does not matter

    I'm still enjoying it very much NICE.



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