• Mother's Duty

    Interior with a Mother delousing her child's hair, known as 'A Mother's duty'
    c. 1658-60
    Pieter de Hooch
    Oil on canvas
    52,5 x 61 cm
    In a room with a boxbed, a mother and child are sitting happily together. The woman is absorbed by a rather prosaic task: delousing her child's hair. The delicate play of the light leads the viewer's attention from room to room. The light in the room is somewhat subdued whereas as the room at the back is sunny. A garden can be seen through the open door. A ray of light shines through the high window, lighting up the two figures. It also catches the edge of the child's chair and the copper bedpan. The sunlight reflects strongly in the door, causing the floor tiles and hair on the dog's chest to glisten.

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