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    My eleventh and twelfth Lesson 

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    What can I say I had my eleventh lesson last week, not much happened for some reason I was still uncertain if it was a good idea to have a go at painting a view of Funchal.

    I was born on that city and I lived 18 years on the top of the hills.

    I must have looked at that view so many times.

    But the strange thing is that I could not picture it in my head, that view.

    But it as been over 20 years, no wonder I can't remember that view.

    That is why I used one of my many photos of that view. 


    This week on my twelfth lesson, 

    Color splashes, the playing on the blue shades the sea is done, the sky still needs something???  but I already have an idea as to what I should do.

    One more touch of white and I will move on to the next journey.

    Two more wednesdays two more lessons before MMaxi10colours becomes MMaxi11colours .

    The temperature is going down this weekend there'll be ice and snow a lot of reflections on the canals maybe have a rest from painting and take a few shots of Amsterdam winter.

    Season greetings MMaxi10




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