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    My fourth lesson 


    It is finished, I decided that I don't want to do more to the painting

    I want to start something new.

     Lessons take time, and time is even more scarce than ability in my case.

    I enjoyed my four lessons, once a week for two hours my mind stops and thinks.

    Now that the first idea is finished the next new idea can come to the front.

    To be honest, I am confused and sometimes have no idea what to do next.

    But I will soldier on.

    My plan was to work more on watercolors at home.

    But with everything else happening around me, and time again being Scarce.

    We will see what happens next.

    Another week goes by, the rain and the cold are all over Amsterdam.

    The birds have flown down south or north and the trees decided to go to sleep.

    It's time for Autumn the season of gold orange brown yellow red purple green white and black.


    MMaxi study on colors 

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