Random Words and thoughts 

    Days go by

    Amsterdam My City My Life 

    Tonight I went to a dance party in the coc a place to go on a friday night if your looking to forget and fill yourself with nostalgia to some time in the past before everything became so complicated but did it become more complicated

    Or it just changed different era for me 

    I changed I'm 10 years older

    but the music was GREAT Dj artists should get more recognition we have some good ones here in Amsterdam there was an undeniable essence in the air of the old days on that Club on the infamous warmoesstraat 

    Nostalgia can I get that on a Painting?

    Curtains are cleaned cats are fighting for food and territory 

    I sometimes sit in silence and rumble in my head smoking too much but tonight after that tribal experience on the dance floor Maria once again I ask you bring me back down to *Earth 




    earth |ərθ|


    1 (also Earth) the planet on which we live; the world : the diversity of life on earth.

    • the surface of the world as distinct from the sky or the sea : it plummeted back to earth at 60 mph.

    • the present abode of humankind, as distinct from heaven or hell : God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven.



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    MMaxi10 Study on Colors 


    My Eighth lesson 


    Days go by 


    Random Paintings and thoughts 


    One more lesson and the painting will be ready, I better start thinking of what to paint next


    I'm enjoying my lessons and study on colors, it is nice to have one day in the week for myself 


    I am looking forward to a nice relaxed weekend maybe play some pool as well


    The weather in Amsterdam is really stormy, good weather to be home


    I did the baby sitting today, it was Sint-Maarten and went around the houses with the boy singing songs and getting candy Tradition in North Holland 


    We don't do that in Madeira


    Time to rest now, i can't wait for next weeks lesson


    Happy Friday





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    MMaxi10 study on colors 


    Random paintings and thoughts 


    My Seventh Lesson


    I'm one week behind, this was last week's lesson


    It is late in Amsterdam and cold to, it will rain a lot this week and cold wind as well


    The project of clearing up the VHS videos collection was successful now I have to decide what to do with them I'm sure that in 10 years i will be doing the same thing to the dvd's 


    Tomorrow I will post todays "Lesson Number Eight"


    I'm off to bed and watch the Golden Girls tomorrow is baby sitting day


    I miss Paris, Madeira and LA to 




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    Amsterdam My city my life 

    Days go by 

    Random pictures and thoughts 


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    MMaxi Study on colors

    A journey of colors random pictures and thoughts.

    Days go By 

    Amsterdam My city my life.




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