Goya " Los Caprichos' 

    Spanish: Todos Caeran 

    English: All Will Fall 

    They who are to fall are never stopped by the examples of those who have fallen before them.

    It is no use, they will all fall.

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  • Spanish titel: Y se le quema la Casa

    English titel: And his house is burning

    " He couldn't take his pants off nor could he stop playing with the candles till the firemen saved him. This is what drink can do. "

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  • Spanish titel: Bien tirada està

    English titel: They must fit tightly

    " Auntie is no fool. She knows well that stockings must fit tightly around the leg. "

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  • Spanish title: Dios la perdone: Y era su madre

    English: God forgive her- It was her Mother

    The girl left home very young. Her apprenticeship was gotten at Cadiz and then she went to Madrid.
    Here she won a lottery prize. She goes for a walk along the Prado.
    A dirty, shrivelled hag begs her for alms.
    She chases her away, but the old women follows her.
    The hard-hearted girl turns around and sees - who would believe?- The poor old women is her mother!






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  • - Good Advice

    - Spanish titel: Bellos Concejos

    Advice is worthy of her who takes it. The tragedy is that the girl will follow it to the letter.
    Miserable will be the Man who will have anything to do with Her.

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