• Spanish title: Tantalo


    If he were more considerate and less played-out, she would revive.

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    Spanish title: Que Sacrificio

    English  title: What a Sacrifice:

    The bridegroom is hard to look at, but he is rich.

    At the cost of the Happiness of one poor child the security of a hungry family is bought.

    Such is the way of the world.




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  • Spanish title: Muchachos al avio

    Boys, Up an About:

    Their faces and clothes show us what they are.

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  • Spanish title: El Amor y la muerte

    Love an Death:

    See the lover who, killed by his rival, dies in the arms of the women he loves,
    Thus losing her anyway.
    It is foolish to draw the sword.

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  • - And so They Kidnapped Her!
    - Spanish titel: Que se la LLevaon!

    A women who cannot take care of herself belongs to the first man who grabs her.
    When it is too late, she is surprised that she as been seduced.


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