• A few images from my roots MMaxi15 Random pictures 

    Madeira MMaxi15 



    Madeira MMaxi15


    Madeira MMaxi15


    Madeira MMaxi15

    Cabo Girao 


    Madeira MMaxi15

    Cabo Girao 





  • I thought this blog was lost but its working again, Nice !

    Madeira here i come again, it as been some time since I visited Madeira and the family.

    Im going to my latest nephew christening and a first communion, I'm not a religious person but my family is.

    And it will be nice to see the next generation.

    Hopefully i will take lots of pictures and put on some weight I have been losing some lately.

    Happy Spring weekend from Amsterdam 





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  • My Favorite photo of 2012


    Amsterdam Days Go By Random Words Thoughts And Phrases

    Christmas as past and New Year is around the corner

    This is the last post of MMaxiMadeiraman here on Blogg

    Time to move on

    It was a great learning experience

    I had a lot of fun here on blogg 


    MMaxi next adventure will continue on Blogger 

    Click on the link Below 


    Happy 2013 And let it be a good one MMaxi12


    Thank you for visiting.


    Claudio Gama 



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    I went to play pool this weekend in the Spijker in Amsterdam Local pool competition 

    I did not win first prize but got a key older and some nice pictures of my Amsterdam

    Not much rain so far and still chilly but there are small signs here and there of Spring 

    Random Words and Random Pictures 

    MMaxi12 Spring Time


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    Goya " Los Caprichos "


    Spanish: Al Conde Palatino 

    English: To the Count Palatine 

    In all sciences there are people who know everything without 

    Having learned and have a ready remedy for all ills.

    One can't believe what they say.

    The really intelligent person mistrusts them. 

    The educated person makes moderate promises and keeps much in reserve.

    The Count Palatine never keeps any promisses at all.





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