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    Random Words and paintings 

    MMaxi11 study on colours 


    That was my thirteenth Lesson 

    The landscape attempt was fun but I decided that there was not much more I could do 

    I decided to finish the journey with my hand stamp 

    I started a new project 

    Reflection of a boat

    Yellow brown green "*Burgundy Sails"

    Lets see what happens 

    The New Year is here and life is slowly going back to normal

    The new Ipad is fun but so far I only used it for playing games 

    The snow and ice is gone now is only rain

    Amsterdam is very quiet at this time of the year 

    I'm happy the proposed laws about selling grass at the coffee shop to non Dutch Citizens is not going to take affect

    Change is sometimes good, "but not for everything".

    Happy 2011, may there be many different COLORS  





    Burgundy (color)

    Burgundy is a shade of purplish red associated with the Burgundy wine ofthe same name, which in turn is named after the Burgundy region of France. The color Burgundy is similar to other shades of dark red such asmaroon. It is often called wine red, or simply wine.

    The first recorded use of burgundy as a color name in English was in 1881.



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    Happy New Year From MMaxi11Amsterdam



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    Happy Holidays Everyone From Amsterdam My City My Life 

    Lots of food drink laugh and good health 






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    My eleventh and twelfth Lesson 

    Days go by 

    Random paintings and thoughts 

    MMaxi10 Colours 

    That Funchal View  



    What can I say I had my eleventh lesson last week, not much happened for some reason I was still uncertain if it was a good idea to have a go at painting a view of Funchal.

    I was born on that city and I lived 18 years on the top of the hills.

    I must have looked at that view so many times.

    But the strange thing is that I could not picture it in my head, that view.

    But it as been over 20 years, no wonder I can't remember that view.

    That is why I used one of my many photos of that view. 


    This week on my twelfth lesson, 

    Color splashes, the playing on the blue shades the sea is done, the sky still needs something???  but I already have an idea as to what I should do.

    One more touch of white and I will move on to the next journey.

    Two more wednesdays two more lessons before MMaxi10colours becomes MMaxi11colours .

    The temperature is going down this weekend there'll be ice and snow a lot of reflections on the canals maybe have a rest from painting and take a few shots of Amsterdam winter.

    Season greetings MMaxi10




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    Days go By 


    Random words and thoughts 


    Winter is definitely here, the snow was nice but it did not last long.

    Some think it is an inconvenience but I think it is great.

    There was some ice as well it was wonderful to see the birds walking with their water legs, like humans they were not made to walk on ice.

    I did ice skating a long time ago with a help of a chair.

    Never again I hope.

    I think i have to many plants on the windows.

    I would like to change that.

    The only problem is what plant should I get rid off.

    Sounds very cruel.

    I will find a way to close the curtains and at the same time let enough light to come in.

    Last wednesday I missed my Eleventh lesson.

    It was snowing to hard and I was in the mood for a hot meal and the video game.

    But I will make up for it on this wednesday.

    One more week and Love is back, that makes me HAPPY, the cats will be happy to, one more person to ask for food.

    Maxine is already playing with the new boy,  the last weeks she as lost more weight 

    than the 3 years she is on a diet ,Nice.

    Time for dinner " Coq au vain"  made it yesterday I have a feeling that it will taste even better today.


    Happy winter everybody don't mind the ice and the snow , until today it is still the hottest year since records began.

    But it can change depends of how cold December will be.



    A day before + 30 min / 1 hour


    Ideally a rooster, or 1 or 2 chickens (1.5kg, 3.5 lb), cut into 8 pieces or more
    1/2 bottle of full-body Burgundy red wine (or Cotes du Rhone)
    6 bacon slices (5 oz), diced
    0.5 lb (250g) button mushrooms
    A dozen small white onions
    2-3 cloves of garlic, mashed
    2 carrots, peeled and quartered
    Sunflower oil, unsalted butter
    Bouquet of herbs: 2 sprigs of thyme and 1 bay leaf, tied all together with string
    Salt and pepper

    If cooking the same day, add:
    1/4 cup of cognac or brandy 


    Coq au Vin Recipe (serve 6)

    Step 1: A day in advance, clean and cut the rooster/chicken in 8 pieces or more. Pour half a bottle of red Burgundy wine over.

    Step 2: Add the small white onions, the quartered peeled carrots and the herbs. Cover and put in the fridge.

    Step 3: The next day, remove and drain the chicken and vegetables. Put the wine aside for later use.

    Step 4: Brown the chicken pieces with oil in a skillet. Remove the chicken. Using the same skillet, add garlic to the vegetables and heat for a couple of minutes

    Step 5: Put the chicken and the vegetables in a large sauce pan. Pour the wine and add salt and pepper

    Step 6: Bring to a boil at moderate heat.

    Step 7: Cover and cook at low heat for 1 or 2 hours

    Step 8: Heat bacon, onion and mushrooms in a skillet until brown (10 minutes)

    Step 9: When the chicken is ready, add bacon, onion and mushrooms in the pan, cook and stir for 2 or 3 minutes. Taste and correct the seasoning,

    Step 10: Add parsley to the chicken when finish. Prepare rice or potatoes to serve with Coq au vin.

    Alternate version for cooking the same day:
    In step 5, do not pour the wine in the pan now. Pour instead cognac or brandy over the chicken. Ignite the spirit with a match. Be extra careful the heat is off and your face away. Shake the pan for a few seconds. You can now pour the wine in the pan and follow the recipe as indicated.

    Wine suggestion: red Burgundy wine, or Cotes du Rhone red, Morgon (French Wine Guide).

    Bon appetit!




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    Random words and photos 

    Days go By

    MMaxi10 study on colors


    A couple hours to go and it is time to have my tenth oil painting lesson

    I am going to have a go at a landscape the city of Funchal in Madeira 

    I wish I was actually there now where it is warm sitting on the boulevard

    Looking at that blue, the way the houses are pilled up the hills

    But I will do my best to capture the colors with this photo of mine taken some time ago

    I have no idea how to start but I guess that I will be fine I like my teacher he will guide me for sure

    We shall see what happens, time will tell




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